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1. Abyssal depth

The PATTON HYPERBARE epitomises quality, guaranteeing water-resistance regardless of the circumstances thanks to the liquid in which the internal elements are immersed. Five years ago a PATTON HYPERBARE was attached to a shipwreck in the depths of the Indian Ocean where it still continues to indicate the right time without variations in spite of the extreme conditions. Another PATTON HYPERBARE has also been tested by IFREMER in real-life diving conditions at 1,000 metres where it withstands a pressure of over a tonne in weight.

2. Altitude and extreme cold

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With its waterproofness, assembly, and calibration, PATTON IMMERSION is a tool of unparalleled timekeeping. Buried since 5 years in a crevice of the “Aiguille du Midi” at 3800m altitude, PATTON IMMERSION remains to this day functional and withstands extreme conditions.

3.1. Extreme shocks - Circuit Tour of 240km / H

Even attached in the rim of a racing car reaching 240 km / h and an incredible centrifugal force, PATTON CHRONO remains tuned to the second.

3.2. Extreme shocks - 100 KM/H behind an OFFSHORE boat

Towed at 100 km / h behind a boat OFFSHORE, the PATTON IMMERSION come out of the water without any damage and perfectly tuned. Dragged with a 35 meters cord to over 55 knots, or 100 km / hour, behind an OFFSHORE boat 36-foot, super-powered outboards "275 horsepower", our PATTON IMMERSION resisted the all incredibly violent shocks. At this speed, the water is as hard as concrete and brutality impacts and rebounds are impressive.

3.3. Extreme shocks - Underneath a racing yacht

For more than six months, a PATTON IMMERSION has travelled thousands of miles to the front of the bobstay on the 60-foot IMOCA racing yacht and no scratch has been identified. A challenge that proves the extraordinary solidity and unfailing water-resistance of our PATTON IMMERSION. A Trans-ocean crossings and a participation in Petit Navire Grand Prix, the Artémis Challenge and the Fastnet Race, did not alter the perfect timing of our PATTON watch in the slightest.

3.4. Extreme shocks - PATTON watches resistant glass, acid and boiling water ...

The PATTON IMMERSION responds successfully to the three resistance tests developed by our technical team: boiling water, hot sulphuric acid 95%, and freezing. The first PATTON IMMERSION was immersed in boiling water for 2 hours, the second in a sulphuric acid bath at 95% and the last encased in a block of ice for several days before being thawed out with a welding torch. These three watches still work perfectly to this day...