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The PATTON Watch brand was created over 15 years ago. Uplifted by the ordinary men and women, who accomplish the extraordinary every single day, we wanted to create a watch that would withstand the daily challenges of man and women, who constantly push their limits and become an inspiration for many to follow their lead.

We wanted our watches to be reliable and thus extremely strong and robust.  With the name of PATTON, our watches had to be timeless and as solid as a tank.

The brand was born near Sainte-Mère-Eglise, Normandy, a region of France, where PATTON and his 3rd. Army, started the victorious liberation of France, Luxembourg and Bastogne in Belgium, and where the famous Battle of the Bulge took place. Thus the story of PATTON Watch is deeply rooted in this region, and much like the famed Liberty Road, marking every stretch of the victorious liberation of PATTON’s 3rd Army with memorable milestone markers “Bornes”, it takes its start in Saint-Mère-Eglise, a small village in Normandy, later moving to the Bastogne region of Belgium to be acquired by Swiss entrepreneurs with solid and extensive experience in Swiss Watchmaking industry. The brand also preserved a close link with the Patton family and Patton Foundation.

The valuable technical know-how of PATTON watch new owners in manufacturing watch movement components, within a few microns of tolerances for the most reputable Swiss watch brands, will allow the PATTON watch to further develop, adding new advanced and maintaining all the existing technical developments in the years to come.  

Every PATTON watch is produced in Switzerland, while preserving a strong and significant connection with Normandy and the Bastogne region of Belgium, where the triumphant Patton 3rd Army has won its most notable Victories.

PATTON Watch is made to accompany men and women, athletes and lovers of extreme sports to go beyond their boundaries, breaking new grounds in discovering new horizons; its DNA denotes an indestructible character and resilience to adversity.

Likewise, we set our path to find our heroes, men and women, who would advocate resilience and noble values of freedom and integrity.  One of the most famous quotes of General Patton was: « You Are Never Beaten Until You Admit It! ».  We have chosen this assertion as one that encapsulates the best the spirit of a Patton Watch.