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Meet Our Heroes

Celebrating the RESILIENCE of the ordinary men and women accomplishing the extraordinary!

Ret. Col. Gregory D. Gadson

Ret. Col. Gregory Gadson A true American Hero, West Point graduate and a decorated veteran, Gregory Gadson carries on the legacy of Patton as a motivational speaker, actor and an inspiration to all. After losing both legs in a roadside bomb in Iraq, Gadson refused to let his disability hold him back. He made it to the big screen as a lead actor in the blockbuster movie Battleship (2012), where he relives his legacy as a veteran, who helps save the world. He is also an accomplished photographer and remains active in sports.


Hovhannes Bachkov

Hovhannes Bachkov Born after the devastating earthquake of 1988 in Armenia, which killed over 36,000 people and left entire regions destroyed with thousands of homeless, he grew up in a trailer, with no proper gym or funds, but with big dreams of becoming a boxing champion.

Hovhannes has become a three times Gold medalist in the European Boxing Championship as well as an Olympic medalist in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.


Nicolas Dubreuil

Nicolas Dubreuil. There is no arctic adventurer, who is unfamiliar with the name Dubreuil. While maintaining the life of an academic, Dubreuil was a pioneer in exploring the Arctic.

He moved to Greenland from Paris and mastered the art of hunting, making kayaks, and fishing harpoons, becoming one of the best explorers of the Arctic.

After sharing and introducing the Inuit culture to the world, he led the first expedition across Greenland’s Great Ice Cap with a group of deaf children and students with learning disabilities.

He has survived twice after falling into the freezing Arctic Ocean and was saved by Greenlanders, a story many would not live to tell.

His unbeatable pioneering spirit and precious experience in the Arctic and his Inuit knowledge has helped thousands of people overcome the harsh environmental conditions of the desolate and unforgiving Arctic. His resilience remains an inspiration to all.


Olivier Marchal

Olivier Marchal Not everyone can do the job of a police investigator, but they can play one in a movie. Oliver Marchal joined the French Police Force in 1980, later becoming an investigator in the Intelligence Unit at the Anti Terrorist Squad, while taking acting classes at night. After some encouragement from a friend, he gained his first role as an investigator in Don’t Wake a Sleeping Cop (1988).

This kick started his acting career and soon he began writing scripts and scenarios for his own movies, incorporating his vast knowledge of the criminal world. Nominated for three Cesar Awards for his famed film « 36 Quai des Orfèvres », he soon fell into a cocaine addiction, as he descended deeper into the world of Show Business.

Olivier Marchal was able to overcome his addiction through his fantastic Resilience and continued his career.

Here are his words:
""in the midst of winter, I have found out, that after all, there was an invincible summer inside me" The beauty of Albert Camus' words ring in my head at times when I suffer from what my life had sometimes been..." Olivier Marchal

""au millieu de l'hiver, j'apprenais qu'il y avait enfin en moi un été invincible" La beauté des mots d'Albert Camus sonnent dans ma tête les jours où je souffre de ce que ma vie a parfois été..." Olivier Marchal

Loving our watch and its message, Olivier insisted on having our watch as the main evidence in his internationally acclaimed film « Rogue City » on Netflix.

He has created many more critically acclaimed films, the last being the action film «Overdose», soon to be seen on Amazon Prime streaming platform.