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You are Resilient. You need a watch that will stay pristine in all conditions and until the end of time.

Abyssal Depth.
Not every watch can claim to hold its own on a sunken shipwreck deep in the Indian Ocean. Only the Patton Watch can withstand 5 years of immense undersea pressure and still provide pinpoint accuracy to this day.

Thanks to a special pressure stabilizing liquid formula inside the watch, the PATTON Watch never fails under pressure, much like our Hyperbare model, which was exposed to extreme testing at the eminent French Research Center, IFREMER, immersing to a 1000-meter depth (3,300 ft.), battling and succeeding a force over one ton per square centimeter!

Extreme Cold and High Altitude.
If you ever find yourself on the top of “Aiguille du Midi” mountain in the French Alps, at an altitude of 3800 meters (12500 ft.), you will find in a crevice the PATTON Watch, which still ticks with precise accuracy to this day.

Ride Through Anything.
Speedboats, supercars, racing yachts, there is nothing PATTON Watch cannot withstand. See how PATTON Watch maintains its Resilience, withholding the utmost accuracy at high speeds and devastating forces, placed inside the rim of the wheel of a racing supercar at 240 km/h (150 mph), or dragged by a high speed boat at 100 km/h (55 knots). At this speed the water is as hard as concrete and the brutality impacts and rebounds are exceptional!

Resistance to the Harshest Elements.
The first PATTON Watch was immersed in boiling water for 2 hours, the second in a 95% sulfuric acid bath, and the last was encased in a block of ice for several days, before being thawed out with a welding torch. These three PATTON Watches continue to function perfectly to this day...