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Our Mission & Vision

At PATTON Watch, We Uplift Human Dignity through Unbreakable Resilience!

Our Goal is to inspire the men & women to never give up, by reminding to all of us that one is never beaten until he admits he is beaten, and the best way to inspire is to Celebrate Resilience of Ordinary Men & Women doing the Extraordinary. 

Our PATTON timepieces marked with 4 stars, are worn by each of us during the happy and difficult times, as a constant reminder that we are not beaten until we admit it.

Our Values

Our world is filled with mesmerizing stories of amazing men and women who have encouraged and shaped the lives of many. We want to celebrate these exceptional men and women, inspired by a man who left a legacy of valor, integrity, and resilience.  Patton is an inspiration to many for his leadership, his innovations (such as the Cavalry Sword) and his remarkable discipline and physical capabilities, mastering numerous sports disciplines at the highest Pentathlon Olympic levels.  His elegance was well known, when he was playing Polo, while deciphering the character of his subordinates, watching them play Polo. His ability to sail in the most difficult waters of the Pacific Ocean and his star navigation capabilities in the 1930’s, as well as his insatiable appetite for new skills, pushed him to even learn to fly a plane!

Thus we created a series of resilient watches to celebrate the exceptional, the brave, and the resilient!
Every Patton Watch pays homage to the Resilience and the Unbeatable Spirit of the ever-growing community of exceptional heroes that accomplish the extraordinary in an ordinary life.